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It’s been a long time since I had several days clear on my mediation calendar as I’ve had this week. Although I had good intentions of taking a few days off to sail to Catalina, the press of business kept my Captain/husband from being able to get away. Instead, I allowed my inner creative self to indulge in a few projects. First, together with my son, I am designing a new, fresh website which I think may offer a less cluttered, more direct and genuine representation of my mediation practice. Stay tuned for details, but in the meanwhile, I do welcome readers’ input into what you find “essential” for a mediator’s website, and what you find extraneous or a distraction. I “workshopped” my work in progress last night at a meeting of the Southern California Mediation Association and I am grateful for their insight and input. I also planned the outline for an upcoming Webinar for the ABA Dispute Resolution Section on the topic of: “When Participant’s in a Mediation are a Handful: How Mediator’s Manage Bad Behavior”. I would welcome your stories and contributions to that concept. I know we have all had them, but often in the press of the daily grind of business, we don’t have the luxury of time to reflect and re-consider the outcome of a particular action or reaction. We are, in a word, too busy moving on to the next conflict to fully consider the last. The Webinar will be recorded on May 9, 2017. Further details to follow. And finally, I will treat myself and my sister to a well-deserved “Spa Day”–where each of us can reflect upon the past few weeks and cleanse ourselves in preparation for a clean, creative Spring. I wish you the same!

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Jan Schau

Jan Frankel Schau is an Attorney Mediator in Los Angeles, California. She is an exclusive Neutral with ADR Services, Inc. specializing in employment, business and tort matters.

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