Fee Schedule

The Fee schedule for Jan Frankel Schau is as follows:

$3000 per 1/2 day and $5000 per full day mediation.  Arbitration is at $550 per hour (there is  a half-day minimum).  A half-day is generally considered 4 hours plus 1 hour preparation time.  A full day Hearing Includes unlimited time within a single day at no additional charge and is generally billed at eight hours of hearing plus two hours of preparation.  There is never a charge for time spent in follow up unless the parties return for a second session of mediation or request follow up telephonic hearings that will last more than one hour.

All retainer payments are due at least ten business days before the date set for hearing. The balance of fees are due on the date of the hearing and are the joint responsibility of counsel and client.

Cancellation Policy

Jan Frankel Schau is committed to fully resolving all of your legal disputes. We encourage you to fully prepare for the mediation hearing and choose the timing of the hearing carefully. For that reason, every effort will be made to reschedule your hearing in the event that the matter is not “ready” for mediation and the mediator is notified at least fourteen days ahead of the scheduled hearing date.  The initial retainer will be applied towards a re-scheduled date wherever possible.

In the event the matter is cancelled within two weeks, without rescheduling, the retainer shall be non-refundable.