How Mediation Works

The View from The Middle

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes”—Marcel Proust

mediationWith laser vision and a good dose of humanity, Jan Frankel Schau brings her vision to conflicting parties with a view towards reaching resolution of the most vexing of legal issues.

Jan is a dedicated mediator with the heart of a true peacemaker.  She demonstrates both caring and competence at the negotiation table and generously shares her practical tools and trade secrets with the mediation community.

Jan’s book, “View from the Middle”, gives meaningful insight into the process of mediation and provides litigators with tools and knowledge in order to maximize their clients’ goals and achieve the most success for them through the mediation process.

Since beginning her mediation practice in 2003, Jan has mediated over 1000 legal disputes in the areas of business, employment and torts.  She has earned recognition as a California Super Lawyer for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 and is a Distinguished Fellow of the prestigious International Academy of Mediators.   Jan is a Past President of the Southern California Mediation Association and the Chair of the Labor & Employment Section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association (beginning October, 2013).

The mediator is the glue:  the compassionate ear that can listen deeply to find the connections between two stories.  While lawyers are trained to fight for the rights of their clients, Jan Frankel Schau offers a perspective on the validity of each side.  Based upon her legal experience of two decades, half representing defendants and the other half representing plaintiffs in litigated matters, Jan is open to hearing both sides of every dispute and leads the way out of the conflict with dignity, decency and humanity.

Where parties have a seat at the negotiating table and can be fully heard with compassion, an open-mind and an open heart, the implications for peace-making extend far, far beyond the litigated case.

For the past ten years, lawyers and their clients have graciously invited me to share a critical day in their lives and then have permitted me to share the gratitude in bringing protracted and bitter legal conflict to an agreeable end, day after day, year after year.

To achieve perfect pitch of the orchestration needed to succeed in mediation, mediators really need a trained ear for listening and a great appetite for practice.  Jan Frankel Schau brings her patience, skill and tenacity to every mediation.

According to Jan, ‘Listening to people’s stories, feeling the pain of the wrongs, injustices, expenses and discomforts of the litigation process through my clients has forever changed me.’

Jan offers the optimistic perspective that if all conflict were brought before a neutral, compassionate listener who promised to listen deeply and refrain from manipulating any particular outcome, the implication for a global peace could be simply astounding.